5  |  Host a Q+A

Have your audience ask you questions and answer them in a video. This works especially well on live-streaming platforms like Periscope or in webinars. 

6  |  Provide a behind-the-scenes look

There’s something in all of us that loves getting the inside scoop. Whether you have a new product in the works or you’re in the middle of a new product, invite your audience behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look.

7  |  Share the making of your product

Create a video to show the making of your product over time and all the steps that went into it. If you offer a service, you might show clips of your process and share the final result.

8  |  Create a stop-motion video

People usually think of incredibly involved, over-the-top ideas when they think of stop-motion videos, but they don’t have to be all that complicated. Take quick photos of something in action and compile them together in a video creator like Animoto to achieve that same stop-motion effect. 

To be continue…..

source: elle course.

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